Monday, June 25, 2012

Busy bees around here

So things have been a teensy weensy bit crazy here this week.  Trying to keep up with the two B's baseball schedule has kept everyone hoppin!  Only two games and two ice cream parties until we wrap up this baseball season.  My boys are so sad.  I am sad for them, because they all love it so much.  However, I am sure we will find some ways to occupy a lil' extra time on the weekends!

We also took a wonderful trip this past week to celebrate my parent's 40th anniversary.  We had a great time at the Lake of the Ozarks, and enjoyed some much needed R&R, boat, and family time, even if the two B's did keep 7 adults busy the whole weekend. :) 
I have some posts planned this week that I am very excited about!  Working on a tutorial for a kids painting project that we did here last summer and the boys thoroughly enjoyed!  Also have planned to photograph and add to the ETSY store a cute little size 2 summer bubble outfit made from a 1950's pattern.  I am completely smitten with 1950's patterns right now!   A few other crafty little ideas I want to try to get to as well, but we have to save something for next week right?!

Happy Monday everyone!