Friday, February 22, 2013

Think Spring

We are just closing up Day 2 here of Snowmageddon 2013.  While all of Kansas City is walering in snow up to our ears, my mind is twirling with tons of ideas for spring!  There is a very cool new web site I have been playing around with called The Inspiration Board.  It is a crazy fun, visual way of putting the ideas in your head into one little spot.  I've been thinking a lot about new products for a spring open house.  In order to see what it might look like with all things constructed together, I organized a little board...

Now isn't that a much nicer way to see what's spinning around in your me...this version is much more organized! 

I think my next task is a board of spring sewing projects for Kate!

Well, back to reality...there's a pile of wet snow clothes as deep in my laudry room as the snow is deep outside. 

Stay warm.....Jenny