Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I have missed you!
Our computer has been away for almost two weeks getting was very sick.  While it was gone I was just cringing thinking about what a great direction the blog was moving in and then to just go untouched for three weeks...well, I was worried!  To my surprise when I logged in last night and checked the site, wow!!!  We have had over 3,000 page views since starting in June.  I don't know if that's great or not, but to me, I think it's outstanding!  Just in the last month we have had visitors from the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, France, Canada, Germany, Malaysia, Ukraine, Australia, and Ireland. 
This. Amazes. Me.
I am completely humbled and thankful that there are folks out there seeing what we've been up to and checking in!  Thanks so much for sticking with us!
Which brings me to the first of many little projects that I have been working on the past few weeks...A good friend of ours who is the principal at an amazing little school in our community asked me if I would help her make some pillows for her school.  I was happy too!   The seven pillows were to spell the motivational word "Believe". 
I thought a lot about that word while I worked.  It seemed pretty appropriate too, since I have really been in "decision-mode" about things having to do with the Etsy store, and promoting it.  I just keep coming back to the word "Believe".  I think that is exactly what we have to do when we just aren't quite sure where to step next...close your eyes, stop worrying, and just BELIEVE!
Happy Wednesday!