Monday, September 17, 2012

Brocade and Corduroy Jacket and Project Run and Play

And so begins Day #4 of being cooped up!  Last week Greg's car was in the shop and I was wheel-less at the beginning of the week, and by Thursday my car wouldn't start!  I was completely bummed, because Kate and I were on the way to go shopping, errrrr, I mean, to the Dr.'s office :) and my car wouldn't even get out of park!  Completely dead.  Turns out it's probably the alternator (which means absolutely nothing to me since I don't know a thing about cars).  No car again today, and probably tomorrow, sigh.  Soooo Kate and I have been logging a lot of hours the past two weeks at home.  Our big accomplishment last week, besides learning how to slide all by our self at the park, do tons of laundry and eat m&m's, was to whip up this little coat.  I had the corduroy in my fabric stash and I had bought the pink brocade that I used for the lining last week at Jo-Ann's on sale.  We added to the pattern a pink stretch velvet ribbon for a belt and the singed fabric flower.  For my first outerwear piece, I am pretty happy with it!  And of course, we needed a matching headband to complement of nearly hairless, except for about three very tight corkscrew curls, head.
As you can see, Kate was delighted with the photo op...insert the sound plllllllll with some spitting into the photo above....

 I also wanted to mention that I have been following a very cool blog called Project Run and Play.  If you are even semi-interested in sewing or kids clothes I think you would really enjoy this site!  The two girls that created it are sister-in-laws that basically designed a competition off of Project Runway, only their version is for kids.  They have done it for several season's and each new season pick various girls who blog and sew/craft to be featured.  Each week, the contestants sew up a full new ensemble for the public and a panel of judges to vote on.  Each week there is a winner and someone gets voted off.  In addition, blog followers may also "play along" to each week's theme and post a pick to a Flicker group showcasing your creation.  If any of you follow my blog, you may remember that I posted in their "Skirting the Issue" series.  Anyway, last week's theme was sewing an entire garment on the bias and wow, I was completely in awe of the creations!  I had really, really wanted to play along and just post to the flickr group, but with the  lack of car, didn't have my ducks in a row with the fabric I wanted to use.  This weeks theme is to design off of your favorite fashion icon.  I am really considering this one, both if I should try to enter, and who I would pick.  I love Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and the likes, but am curious....who is your favorite???

If you want to check it our for yourself the link to Project Run and Play can be found here.  I would love to know what you think!