Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Guest Post by Gwen Hefner: The Baby Witch Hat

Well do I have a treat for you today...I am so excited to be hosting our first guest poster!   Gwen Hefner, extremely talented and always creative, brings us a darling tutorial for a lil' Witch's Hat.  And wait until you see her little cutie! 

Halloween is a week from today!!  Do you have your costume ready??

And without further ado....I bring you, The Baby Witch Hat...

I want to thank Jenny for giving me the chance to do a guest post.  Sharing my DIY’s with others is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and I appreciate her giving me the chance to get my feet wet.

When my son turned 3 in September, he requested party hats and I knew I wanted to make something for my daughter, Milly, as well.  After sizing down the pattern I made for the bigger hats, I came up with this.

With Halloween fast approaching, and no luck finding a great costume for a baby under six months, I began contemplating what I could whip together.  Halloween has always been my favorite, and growing up I was fascinated with witches, playing the part of one myself several times.  I figured modifying the party hat pattern would be a simple solution!


Here is what you will need:

the essentials:


witch's hat PDF 

a writing utensil (chalk works will for black felt)

1/16” elastic cord

hot glue or fabric glue

the possible pretties:



rick rack





a little spider moss would be fun

whatever your heart desires!


Print and cut out the pattern templates.  Using a cardstock  or thicker paper will make them easier to work with.


Trace them onto the felt and cut out the shapes.



Shape the top of the hat like it’s a waffle cone.  You should have an overlap of about ½” at the base. 

Glue the hat together, leaving the end unglued so you have some room to tuck your trim under.
Glue the top of the hat to the brim, making sure the hat is centered.  Don’t worry about any visible glue, as you’ll be covering that seam up with ribbon.
Cut and glue ribbon around the seam, tucking the ends in at vertical seam, and gluing that area down.
Now you’ll want to embellish your hat.  I added some old buttons, a feather, and some tulle that I colored with a sharpie.  With two little ones, a quick trip to the craft store isn’t an option, so I made what I had work.

I did the same thing with the elastic.  I know you can buy elastic in many colors, but I’ve found that coloring it with a sharpie for various headbands has worked well.  If you’re worried about the strong odor, I just rinsed it in some soapy water afterward and after a few days the smell had dissipated.   I simply placed it around Milly’s head to see what length I needed. 


Place a drop of glue on in the center of the bottom of the hat and attach both ends of the elastic. 

Cut a circle out, smaller than the brim of the hat, and glue it over the elastic ends.
There you have it!  A cute little hat for your little one, or your big one, or maybe yourself as you hand out treats on All Hallows’ Eve.



Isn't that just the cutest lil smile you've ever seen!  She definitely looks like a good witch to me :)

Thanks so much Gwen for sharing your creative talent with us!

Happy Wednesday everyone,