Thursday, August 2, 2012

Skirting the Issue and a Winner!

This week I stitched my first item to enter in a contest!  The best part is (even better that the contest part) it is for a great cause!  The ladies over at Project Run and Play hosted a fantastic blog series in July that featured sewing bloggers each day with a skirt tutorial...over 50 skirt tutorials in all!  That's a lot of skirts!  All of the skirts demo'ed were bloggers own little creations, and let me tell ya', these girls are super creative!  The whole concept behind the series was that women all over the country (and world) could sew a skirt and donate it to a Utah-based foster care facility.   The people at the foster care center would then see that the skirts were put in the hands of young girls through high school ladies to start the school year.   I thought that this was such a great idea!  I was totally in.  This week I created my donation, loosely inspired by my hats I have been sewing.  The whole skirt was made from 1 XL man's t-shirt!  And to make the whole thing just a little more personal, I have contacted a social worker in Blue Springs to get my little skirt in the hands of a Blue Springs middle school-er...maybe even at one of the schools I taught at!
I am so happy that maybe this small little skirt might put a smile on the face of one of those little girls I had the privilege to work with in the past few years.  Maybe it will get her year off to a great start knowing that someone made something especially for her!  The goal was to have one hundred skirts to donate. of today over 240 skirts have been sewn!

To read all about the contest, click on the button on the right side of this page that says "Skirting the Issue".  To see some of the other skirts donated, and there are some cute ones, click here to visit the Flickr group.

And Congratulations to Heather Nelson Deyerle!  She is the winner of the Star-Fish Pillowcase!  Thanks all who entered!