Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lil' Kitchen Makeover and Back to School!

I know it probably has appeared as though I fell off the face of the earth...well, kind of!  The past three weeks have flown...and the days have been so full!  The boys and I really tried to take in every moment of those last few summer days before school started.  As a family, we have taken multi-tasking to new Johnson lengths this month: getting everyone back into the school groove (two Johnson's in new schools), built book shelves, had a painter come spray paint trim in the basement and said bookshelf's (note to self: don't want to do this again - HUGE mess!), I have started a new part time job (or two) and been trying to wrap up, ohhh, like 10 different projects around the house.  C-R-A-Z-Y. Crazy I tell you!  That said, I should also add that I am loving my new career, being at home, to just be mom!  Kate are I are getting to know one another again, and it is so fantastic to be able to read books to the boys at bedtime and then not drag myself to put toothpicks in my eyes and grade artwork.  We are very grateful around here for all the new changes.  But I am so ready to get back in a routine and back to sharing with you, sewing and working on adding new fall items to the store!
Since last Christmas I have known that I wanted to refinish my old kitchen for Kate.  I received it for Christmas when I was four, and after pricing Pottery Barn kitchens (dear lord, I could buy a new appliance for that price) I was confident we could breathe new life into mine.  I love the size of it, but wanted to add a shelf, oven, and "update" the fixtures a bit.  I can't tell you how excited my dad was when I showed up at 8 pm one evening two week ago to cut wood and start this little project..really his excitement was underwhelming :)...but never the less, the helped me construct my "vision" and this is what we got! 
 The best part folks, I spent a whopping $30.00 to complete.  One can of oil rubbed bronze and cream spray paint later we have a little kitchen.  I found the oven handle and replacement knobs for $10.00 at a hardware store, basket at Home Goods for $6.00,  and had the tension rod and fabric.  To make it really authentic, I added a little light at the back, so the oven would "glow" and look like it was on. 

I think Kate has many years ahead of her to use this little guy.  I'm excited to play kitchen with her in our days ahead...and the bonus?  Bryce came home yesterday and said kitchen was his favorite center in Kindergarten.  Maybe I will get double use of of this old little guy yet!
I have sooo many fun things to share with you in the days ahead it almost hard to pick which one to start with first!  Stay tuned!