Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Valentines Day Burlap Wreath

So after another hat-making frenzy, Kate and I decided weneeded to take a little break today and work on some Valentine's Daydecorating. You know the saying "always a bridesmaid, never a bride"?Well, for me that saying should go more like "Always a pinner, never ado-er ( I don't really think do-er is a word, but you catch what I'm trying tosay). I am really good at finding cute things to pin on Pinterest, and havereally good intentions to make some of them, it just really never happens. Well,mark the calendar, on Tuesday, Jan. 15, I actually completed a pined item! And,I loooove it. It was thrifty and super simple!


The link to the pin  used can be found HERE...theydidn't really say how much burlap to use. I bought a yard and a half and hadleft-over. Also, I used a heart form instead of a circle like the tutorial suggests.I found mine at Hobby Lobby back with the Styrofoam in the craft section. The tutorial said it took her an hour to complete; mine was closer to two, but overall,soooo simple. The other thing I modified was the way the burlapsquares were folded. I did a triangle fold then kind of rolled them into a horn shape...Ireally liked the look. All total, I think I spent under $6.00 for the wholething!

I have never really decorated the porch for Valentine's Day before, but I love the pop of red against the house.  How are your Valentine's Day decorations coming?

Happy Wednesday!