Monday, March 25, 2013

Jellybean Bunny Bags Tutorial

At Easter the jellybean "Bunny Bags" as they were called in my house growing up, were a tradition in your Easter basket.  When I was 3 and my brother 1, my mom needed something to keep us quiet in church Easter morning and thus, the Bunny Bag was born.  Easter morning the Easter Bunny would fill our bags with jellybeans that we were then allowed to take to church with us. I am pretty sure this might be where my small obsession with gingham began...thanks mom.

Clearly, Andy did not appreciate the importance of his bunny bag that first year!
 When my oldest was born, my mom passed my bag on to Brock, and ever since, bunny bags are the number 1 thing my kids talk about getting out at Easter.  Brock turns 10 in a week and Bryce is 6...even at these ages they are still their favorite!  You can imagine my panic this week when I went to get out Easter decorations, only to discover that the Bunny Bags are MISSING!  Yes! Panic!  I know they are some place logical...but when I packed everything away last year I was teaching full time and had a 10 month old baby...things are ummm....a little foggy from that time period to say the least.   So instead of making two bunny bags, one for Kate and one for my niece Julia, I got to make four :)!
I had wanted to share this little keepsake on the blog, and this is the perfect time to do it since I just had to whip up new one's this week!  This is a fast, easy little project that I know your little one's will treasure! 
 To begin, just select your favorite color of gingham (I get mine at Hobby Lobby) and cut two 6 x 7 inch squares.  The 6" is your width the 7" your height.
  Using felt, cut out the bunny face, eyes, nose, and inner ears. You can print the template of the bunny here.  When printed, it should measure roughly 4 inches by 4 inches.

Trace around the pattern pieces with a fabric marking pen and cut out.  I use a little tacky glue to hold my eyes, nose and pink ears in place. 

When dry, applique them using a straight stitch.  Go slow!  These little pieces take lots of turning, but it's totally do-able.

 Using a small straight stitch, add pink whiskers (3 straight lines) - this can either be embroidered or machine stitched.

 Last, hand stitch on the mouth using your favorite hand embroidery stitch.

 Pin bunny onto one of your face pieces of gingham. 

Machine stitch the bunny to one piece of gingham using a small straight stitch - sew around the entire exterior of the bunny.

Ok, now you are ready to assemble the bag...
The tutorial to make the drawstring bag is the same as the candy corn bag I did this fall. You can find it here.

   I used satin ribbons instead of grosgrain on this one...they are much easier for little finger to pull the bag open and closed...I guess it you want to challenge your little bunny, go with grosgrain! 

That's it!  The Petelin Easter Tradition is officially passed on to you!  Now hop to it and go make some bunny bags!

Nothing like trying to take pictures with camera in one hand and baby in the you can see when the photographer(s) went in for a little close-up the props were too much for little fingers to resist!