Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Color Outside The Lines...

 Color outside the lines.  I am an art teacher and I give you permission. Go ahead.  See, doesn't that feel great!  Now, put that crayon your apron!

I have to confess.  I am not your typical art teacher.  I like to get messy, try new things and be creative, buuuuut, there's this other side of me (I am pretty sure it originated on my maternal side - sorry mom, love you) that feels the world is off tilt if things aren't organized.  I think the crayon apron is a total reflection of it's designer:  art teacher meet organizational nut.  I am really proud to offer this item to customers because it is completely my own design.  There are hundreds of crayon aprons out there (314 on ETSY to be exact) but my design is straight out of my head :)...all mine, unlike anything else I have offered yet.  I first came up with it for my niece's 2nd birthday.  My sister-in-law kept telling me I needed to sell them, and I kept procrastinating because they aren't super quick to whip out, but I looove how full and twirly they are...just so girly! 

This past two weeks I have sold 3 crayon aprons on ETSY...this is a new record of ETSY sales for Two Bee's.  It's so exciting!  It is so much fun to send these little Two Bee's creations all over the US.  The boys and I are thinking about putting up a map and plotting all the places Two Bee's goes.  It has been a little tricky juggling another big project I have been working on, as well as getting orders out, but it's a wonderful challenge to have.

And in the past few weeks Two Bee's Crayon Apron has jumped from being on page 8 (the last page) to being between the 1st and the 5th most looked at crayon apron on ETSY...which makes me smile!

Perfect for Eater Baskets and little girls age can find it HERE.