Monday, July 23, 2012

Johnson Family Vacation 2012

Where has July gone!  We left for a week to travel to Colorado for our family vacation, and when we got back everyone was shocked to learn that summer is almost over!  We had an excellent time in Estes Park, Colorado last week.  The weather was PERFECT!  Yes, I am screaming PERFECT!  The weather here however....well, lets just say we are well out of the mid 70's that the Johnson's had grown accustomed to last week.  I just wanted to share a few pics from the vacation.  Ok, maybe more than a few...I had a really hard time narrowing it down!    Everyone did such a great job traveling!  We look forward to returning to Estes again next year.  I am always stuck as we drive across Kansas on the way home how when we left we were members of a family co-existing with our own things all going on, and when we return we are a family.  All on the same page, enjoying each others company, not really ready to re-enter the craziness of "real life"...but that's what makes "a vacation" a vacation, right!?
Good Morning Mountains!  Thanks to Kate, we had the breathtaking opportunity to see the sunrise over the mountain almost every morning...speechless.
Kate quickly figured out if she wanted out of the stroller, she had to hold someone's hand :)

That water is c-o-l-d!  Alluvial Fan, Rocky Mt. Natl. Park

Momma doesn't go much higher than this...
 but Dad always tries!
Colorado Kate

Bryce finally in Colorado...all school year, every day, he would ask "Can we go to Colorado on Thursday?"...It's finally Thursday lil buddy!

Is he getting older of what!? Where did my baby go :(?
Does it get any better than ice cream every night!?

after every bite..."mmmmmmm"

skipping rocks turned into heaving boys "move mountains"

I think, my favorite pic of the whole trip!  Good job Dad...perfectly captures the moment and how we all felt about being here together!

Enjoy these last few days of summer!